UNIKAB Instrument Cable – Cáp điều khiển 1x2x18AWG UNIKAB (IN1218-35-41)

UNIKAB Malaysia INST 1x2x18AWG 0.3/0.5 KV TCU/PE/OSCR/PVC IEC 60332-1 ROHS

Part number: IN1218-35-41
Xuất xứ: Malaysia


Designed for use in data transmission RS 422, RS 485, audio, fire alarm, BMS cable with minimum noise immunity in the surrounding (dry & damp environments). 
For use in recording studios and sound stages, broadcast and sound systems, computers, and industrial equipment control. Suggested voltage rating is 300 or 600 volts.
Aluminum  foil  screening  with  100%  coverage  offers  optimum  protection  against  external  electrical interference at medium and high frequencies.


Conductor: Flexible Class 5 Stranded Tinned Copper Conductor
Insulation: Polyethylene (PE) Compound twisted in pair
Insulation Color: White, Black, other color upon request.
Screening: Aluminium foil Screening 100% coverage.
Drain Wire: Tinned Copper Drain Wire 0.5mm2 (7/0.3mm)
Outer sheath: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Compound – Color: Grey, Other color upon request

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