Cáp mạng 5e HELUKABEL U/UTP 4x2xAWG 24/1 PVC (80053)

Cáp mạng 5e  HELUKABEL U/UTP 4x2xAWG Part no.80053

HELUKAT®155 data cables are used in the tertiary, but also in the secondary level of a network. They are characterized by large performance reserves and outstanding performance. They can be used to implement services such as Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, ATM155, FDDI, token ring 4/16 Mbit/s, or ISDN absolutely trouble-free. Likewise, the mechanical characteristics are perfectly suited for the application in tight cable channels and platforms due to their optimized construction.

Cable structure 
Inner conductor Ø: 0,51 mm
Conductor material: Copper, bare
Core insulation: PE
Core colours: whbu/bu, whog/og, whgn/gn, whbn/bn
Separator: –
Screen over stranding element: –
Screen 1 over stranding: –
Screen 2 over stranding: –
Outer sheath material: PVC
Outer diameter: app. 4,9 mm
Outer sheath colour: Grey

Electrical data
Characteristic impedance: 100 Ohm ± 15 Ohm at 1 to 100 MHz
100 Ohm ± 20 Ohm at 101 to 155 MHz
Loop resistance: 190 Ohm/km max.
Mutual capacitance: 50 nF/km nom

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